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Our Story

A story of God's continued faithfulness!

to Tim and his family that the season was ripe to plant a new church in Rutland.


As God continued to make the vision for the church clear, doors opened for other families and individuals to join with Tim in reaching Rutland for Christ. In September 2014, a team of 25 people began meeting in locations around Rutland. They were prayerfully laying the groundwork and building a team that would come together in launch Rutland City Church.


March 1, 2015, Rutland City Church had its first official Sunday worship service. Many joined together in worship, teaching the word of God, and shared in the experience of seeing people say "yes" to Jesus. God had begun a new work in Rutland.


June 2016, Rutland City Church had grown and expanded to two Sunday services and in June 2017 added a third weekly service on Thursday nights.  Fall 2017 a new campus will hold services in Castleton, VT which led Pastor Tim to move forward with a new name which will accommodate multiple locations. 


The people who call Mission City Church are unified in the common purpose of making disciples and planting churches.


The story of Mission City Church is still unfolding and we believe God is laying a foundation of fruitfulness that will forever change the landscape of Rutland and the surrounding communities. 


Don't wait, experience acceptance this Sunday!

While serving on the pastoral staff at Pinnacle Church in Canton, North Carolina, God began to lay the groundwork for the birth of Rutland City Church now known as Mission City Church. Tim Owens the lead pastor regularly spent time leading mission teams from North Carolina to Vermont. Over the course of three years, God continued to work on Tim’s heart. While on a mission trip to Rutland in winter of 2014, it became clear

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