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The Mission Continues

An Update Letter from Pastor Tim

May 14th, 2020

What up Church Family,


I wanted to take a moment and send you a personal letter from my heart to yours, and share a few thoughts as we look forward to physically gathering together again in the days ahead. I know I speak for our leadership team, my family, and for the whole church when I say we can not wait to get back together in person! But, as we prepare for that here is the vision the Lord has given me and our leadership, along with three values to guide us going forward:


Vision: We will not rush to re-engage in our weekly gatherings on the weekend until it is the right time!



Three Values That Will Guide Us Going Forward:


1. The Mission of Jesus

Let’s remember that the church is not a building -the church is a people! Our mission is developing and deploying disciples, and that has never stopped. Worship on the weekend is stronger than ever, and we have not shut down -or taken a break. People are still being transformed and discipled! (come on somebody) Hey, and when we do get back together we are going to celebrate all that God has done! The Gospel is not limited to a place or a space. Whether in person or online, we will tell the world about Jesus!


2. The Testimony of the Church

God is sovereign over everything and He is the Lord of (and over) this pandemic. We are a people under authority. We are under the authority of God and the authorities of this land. As long as it doesn’t go against the will and the word of God we are going to obey. We will look to our leaders to judge what next steps we will take. We are in this community and will do as our community does! This is a time to serve not stand! We will be the Church, not be about getting back to a building that we call the church. “A city on a hill.” (Matt. 5:14) We want to live out this truth like never before. Let our light shine before men, so that they can see our good works and glorify our father in heaven. Remember, nothing is sacred but Jesus, so we are going to do whatever we can to portray that!


3. The People that Make up Our Church and Our Community

People Matter. From the day we started we have declared this and we are going to hold true to this today more than ever. Our desire is not to meet in our building, but the safety of our people; those that are a part of our family, and those that are coming to visit in our home! 

We are going to finish remodeling before we move in! It is hard to live in a house that we are trying to remodel. No one asks a guest to come into their unfinished home. That is why we are not in a rush to gather together until we can offer the best experience to those who come as a part of our church, and to those who will be our guests!

“Jesus loves the little children,” and so do we! Kids have always been a big part of who we are. We have always wanted to be a resource for parents. So, until we have the right plan for our kids environments we will do whatever we can to help our kids and families have the best experience that they can!


“Pastor, what do we do until we can come together again?”  

 You can do three things. Gather, and stay connected on the weekend and in community during the week. You can give; give yourself over to pray and read the word. And thirdly, you can go. Go, and be on mission now more than ever where you live, work, shop, and play! The mission of Jesus is not on quarantine!


A Final Note

Everyone, please pray for me and our leadership team. Decisions like these are not easy to make! Remember, as I say all the time, when I became your pastor, I meant it! Please, let’s keep the mission of Jesus moving forward as we seek to develop and deploy disciples!


I Love You,

Pastor O

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