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Mission City Church Family and Friends,


As we move forward with our phased re-entry plan in accordance with our state recommendations and protocols for in-person church gatherings, we want to keep you informed as to when and how we can gather together as the church. Remember, the mission of Jesus has never been quarantined, and our church has never been as spiritually healthy as it has been in the recent days. You can read more on this in the Letter from Pastor Tim. Below, you can find out the different options for how we can gather. Currently we have three options:


Starting Thursday 7/23 we will resume in-person gatherings in both Rutland and Bennington.  Space will be limited and sign-up required so that we can abide by state recommendations for gathering in doors.  Please click here to review gathering times and register so that you can be accommodated.  


Micro Church Gatherings where amazing and a few have decided to continue on even with our more traditional church gatherings starting back up.  If you would like to attend a small micro chruch gathering click the link below to see what's available in your area. 

In-Person:  Micro church gatherings meeting in different locations  Join one here.



We are also hosting weekend worship experiences online by Facebook Live, as well as offering online messages here on our website! Not only can you experience the music and message from the comfort of home, Facebook live includes a chat feature so you can connect with others, share prayer requests, and experience community online. Mcity Kids even have something for the kids.


Facebook Live: Sunday / 9:00am.

Online MessagesSelect messages to watch online at your convenience.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We also want to address some questions you may have.


Q: Has anyone at Mission City tested positive for Coronavirus?

No. At this time we are unaware of anyone from Mission City who has tested positive. There have been people from our church family who have been closely monitored, but thankfully they did not test positive. 


Q: I’m leading / participating in a Group, during the week. Should we still meet?

We have shifted our MCity Groups now to become our MCity micro church gatherings. These gatherings will take the place of our regular small group rhythm for the duration of this next re-entry phase. Of course you can gather at other times for fun, but we would encourage you to do this with our state health and safety guidelines in mind.

Q: If I need help, or want to help others at this time what can I do?

Many are searching FOR help and many are looking for ways TO help. Mission City Church is committed to helping those we can within our church family and communities. We are FOR you and our communities. We have set up a page outlining these options like relief requests, becoming a part of a relief team, and even giving to help bring relief here on our site. Click here to learn more.


Q: What about MCity Student gatherings?

MCity Students will remain digital until phase 3 of our Re-Entry plan. Jake Stamey, our Central Next Gen. Coach has updates and relevant information available through our MCity Students Facebook page. Click here to check it out.

Q: How will Mission City keep me updated?

We will be posting all updates here on our website. We will also send weekly updates out via email, and social media. You can be sure and get us your current email by completing the form here.

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